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    • Get at least 8 hours of rest each night.  Come to school daily and arrive on time.  Your attendance is important. 
    • Start your day off positively.  Greet your peers and staff members good morning.
    • Come to school prepared with all of your school supplies.
    • Follow all school and classroom rules.
    • Be neat.  Wear your uniform at all times and keep your shirt tucked in.
    • Listen carefully and follow the teacher’s instructions.  Failure to do so can cause you to fall behind in your academics.
    • Immediately ask questions and seek additional help when you do not understand your assignments.
    • Complete and turn in all classwork and homework assignments.  Zeroes can lead to failure very quickly.
    • Begin and complete your work right away.  Don’t procrastinate.  Check your work before turning it in.
    • Complete your homework as soon as you get home and place it in your bag to for the next day.
    • Take ownership for your academic progress.  Track your grades and attendance.
    • Know your academic standing at all times.  Don’t be surprised by progress reports and/or report cards.
    • When you receive your graded assignments record your grades and calculate your grade point average (G.P.A). 
    • Stay organized.  Have a folder for each subject with a classwork section and homework section.  Keep assignments in order by date and subject area.  Keep your desk clean and free from loose papers.  This will minimize lost/missing assignments.
    • Write down your homework assignments daily and check them off as they are completed.
    • Read often, especially non-fiction books, news paper and magazine articles.
    • Don’t waste time.  When you have completed your given assignment, read, work in a center, get on Study Island, and use ISAT and other practice books to get ahead. 
    • Practice the following skills at home and during extra class time: finding the main idea, recalling facts and details, sequencing story events, recognizing cause and effect, comparing and contrasting, making predictions, finding word meaning using context clues, drawing conclusions and making inferences, distinguishing between fact and opinion, identifying author’s purpose, interpreting figurative language, distinguishing real and make believe, extended response, essay writing.  (Use your writing rubrics and graphic organizers).
    • Know the basics.  Use flashcards and tutoring programs, such as Study Island, to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  Burnham Academy
    • Encourage your parents to attend parent-teacher conferences, open houses, and report card pick-up days.
    • Maintain a good communication with your teacher and school staff.  They are here to support you.
    • If you are experiencing trouble at school, or in your personal life talk to your teachers and/or other staff members that you feel comfortable with.  Assistance and support are always available.
    • Be a leader.  Don’t do things that you know are wrong because others are doing it.  Always be positive.
    • Solve your problems by talking calmly.  Do not fight or use profanity.  
    • Don’t gang up on other students.  Report all bullying incidents.
    • Respect yourself and others.  Always be courteous and treat others as you would like to be treated.  Be honest and fair.
    • If a staff member addresses you.  Listen and follow his/her directions.  Don’t talk back.   
    • Mind your own business.  Set goals and stay focused on why you come to school each day. 
    • Take care of your school.  Don’t vandalize school property/students’ property. Always report this type of activity.


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